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National Sport Policy


            Sport encomapasses the various form of physical activities carried by an individual or a gorup either in organized or unorgainzed manner to recreate hismself, bulid his physique and cultivate his brain, test his state of fitness, irrespective of a age, sex, place and time.

           The bases for sport are of course the community and mankind at large. Participating in sports not only empoers the individual with healthy physique brain but also strengthens social bondage by creating harmony with others. This in turn creates solidarity among nations and nationalities thus consolidating the unity of the peoples.

            Being health physically and mentally by engaging oneself in sports contributes towards productivity on one hand, and minimizes medical cost on the other. Since broad-based sports activities also guarantee the emergence of outstanding sports persons, their appearance on international competitive arenas again popularizes the country of their origin hence strengthening relations with other countries.

            Modern sport has a history of over half a century in this country. Even if many types of games are introduced within this period, the growth of modern sport is still at the lower level. The causes for these are organizational and that of outlook. As the leadership in sports lacked a popular base in this country, it has been under going a series of continuous reorganization. Its main focus has been on organizing competitive sports for the very few elite athletes who have gained recognition by themselves rather than producing elite sports persons by organizing community centered sports activities.

           Yet as this intent on gaining victory lacks broad base that would replenish able sports persons, the results registered have been declining as well. The limited role of the community in sports, the decline of sports in schools; the shortage of sports facilities, sports wear and equipment as well as the lack of of trained personnel in the sphere have also made the problem more complex.

           In order to gradually solve these fundamental problems and guide our sports in a different direction with a new outlook, a community centered movement remains the only alternative. Therefore, realizing the imminent role of the society in producing elite sports persons capable of registering outshining achievements at national and international competitions, the formulation of this sport policy has become essential.

1.Objectives of the Policy

 1.1 To enhance the participation of the community in traditional sports and sport for-all as well as recreational activities in consistent with their capacity and preference so as to realize the fundamental rights of citizens towards exercising sports.

  1.2 To register great achievements of international standard by tapping the overall sports activity within the community and in particular from among the youth by creating awareness and participation amongst them.


2. The main focus of the policy

  2.1 To ensure that  the overall organization and management of sport is community based;

2.2 To facilitate the participation of the society in different sports activities at their localities, schools and working places;

2.3 To facilitate the effective participation of the peasantry in traditional sports;

 2.8 To ensure that women are direct participants and equal beneficiaries from all sports activities;

2.5 To create a conducive situation that would facilitate the gradual autonomy of sport there by releasing it from  government subsidy;

 2.6 To establish and preserve sport and recreational facilities constructed by the government along side with the community in residential & educational areas as well as working places;

2.7 To facilitate the local production of sport wears and equipment;

 2.8 To facilitate the training of qualified sports personnel to abate the  lack of skilled manpower;

3. Methods For the Execution of the Policy

3.1 Organize the public according to their areas of preference and inclination in their localities, educational and working areas in order to enable them engage themselves in sports activities individually or in groups;

3.1.1 In Residential Areas Facilitate the participation of the community in sport-for-all and other recreational programmes according to their interest; Facilitate the participation of the peasantry in traditional sports; Facilitate the formation of clubs and teams to enable the participation of the community in competitive sports; Construct and preserve sports and recreational facilities in rural areas in consistent with the settlement of the population and in cities according to the master plan so as enable the community to participate in sports activities at kebele, woreda, zone and regional level. Encourage the society in various ways to participate in the construction of sports facilities.

3.1.2 In Educational Institutions Work in co-operation with educational institution to include sport including traditional sport in the curricula; Incorporate sport facilities in the master plan of newly built kindergartens and schools; and ensure the availability of sports wear and equipment; Encourage the participation of children and youth in sport activities according to their inclination by forming sport clubs in educational institutions; Enable students to participate in sports competitions at national and international level, including the univeriad, by organizing competitive programmes; Organize special training and competition forums for talente youth in various types of sports and recruit the gifted ones by working in conjunction with sports clubs and federations; Give special attention to disabled students and facilitate their participation in sports suitable for their physical conditions; Facilitate the participation of the staff of educational institutions in different sport activities according to their interests;

3.1.3 In Governmental Organizations Facilitate the participation of employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations in various sports activities at their working places by working in conjunction with their employers; Incorporate sports facilities and reserve areas for the construction of same at government and other organizations.

3.1.4 In Labor Unions Facilitate the participation of the worker in different types of sports activities by working in co-ordination with labor unions; Ensure the participation of the worker in competitive sports by forming sports clubs;

3.1.5 In Defense and Police Forces Facilitate the participation of members of the defense and police in various sports activities by working in co-ordination with the ministry of defense and the police forces; Incorporate sports facilities in the master plans of newly create institutions of the defense force and the police; Ensure the participation of members of the defense force and the police in competitive sports by forming clubs in different departments;

3.1.6 In Health and Sports Medical Institutions Propagate the benefit of sports in health and medical institutions by working in co-ordination with various health institutions; Facilitate the integration and development of sport with modern education, science and technology; Ensure the availability of sports rehabilitation centers;

3.2 Encourage the massmedia in the propagation and teaching of basic concepts and benefits of sport hence attracting the public to participate in sports activities;

3.3 Ensure direct participation of women in sports activities at their locality, educational institutions and working place and to also ascertain their equal sharing of the benefits;

3.4 Ensure the participation of the disabled in sports activities at their locality, educational institutions and working places and to also ascertain their equal sharing of the benefits;



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