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1. Background

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture was established in accordance with  Proclamation No. 256/2001:  Proclamation to Provide for the Reorganization of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on October 12th, 2001. 

The Ministry embraces Youth, Sports and Culture affairs /sectors. And, organizations Authority For Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, National Archives and Library of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Convention Center and Ethiopian National Theatre are accountable to the Ministry.


2.    Powers and Duties of the Ministry

In accordance with Proclamation No. 256/2001, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture shall have the following powers and duties to: 

(a)      Initiate policies and laws relating to the youth and upon approval follow up their implementation; 

(b)      Create an environment conducive to the emergence of a healthy and responsible youth; 

(c)      Provide the necessary support to enable the youth to actively participate in building of a democratic society based on the principles enshrined in the Constitution; 

(d)      Encourage the youth to respect and promote the cultural values of the peoples of the country; 

(e)      Perform, in cooperation with the concerned organs and in particular with the Regions, other activities necessary for promoting the all round  development of the youth;

(f)      Supervise and coordinate the executive organs of Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, National Archives and Library Agency, Ethiopian Convention Center and National Theatre (see also proclamation No. 256/2001 Article 5/10)

In accordance with Proclamation No. 12/1995,Article 6, and other laws the powers and duties of Sport Commission, now given to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture by Proclamation No. 256/2001 are: 

(g)  To prepare the national policy relating to sports and implement same upon approval; 

(h)  To issue directives concerning the establishment and determination of the standards of sports associations; issue permits to sports associations formed at the national level; coordinate and supervise the programmes and international contacts of such sports associations; 

(i)  To organize national and international sports competitions and issue permit regarding same; in cooperation   with the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, organize all-Ethiopia sports competitions; 

(j)  To provide for the proper care for, and due training of, members of national sports teams; 

(k)  To settle disputes among sports associations relating to national sports competitions; 

(l)  In cooperation with the appropriate organs, encourage the local production of sports equipment and materials; facilitate the importation of same; 

(m)  To assist in the popularization, improvement and enhancement of traditional sports; 

(n)  To audit the books accounts of national sports associations with a view to ascertaining that their income is utilized only for the fulfillment of their objectives; 

(o)  To establish sports centers of national and international standards; provide technical assistance to regional sports centers;  

(p) In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, to organize sports medical facilities; assist in the organizations of sports medical facilities by Regional Governments; 

(q)  To own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name; 

(r)  To perform such other duties as are conducive to the attainment of its objective.   

In accordance with Proclamation No. 4/1995 Article 24, Sub Articles (2), (3),(4),(5), (7) and (8 ) the powers and duties of the Ministry of Culture and Information, now given to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture with respect to culture are to :- 

(s)  Encourage the development and expansion of culture, arts, fine arts and creative talent; 

(t)  Study Ethiopian pre-history ,history and culture, make the necessary provisions for the discovery, protection, study, maintenance and utilization of ancient monuments and other historical relics; keep a register of antiquities and Cultures, which are in the process of extinction, together with detailed description; 

(u)  Cause, assist and encourage the study of the language of Ethiopian Nations/nationalities and the enhancement and expansion of literature; 

(v)  Issue and supervise the implementation of directives as well as the conditions under which they may temporarily be taken to another country for purposes of research or exhibition, in cooperation with the concerned organs, promote Cultural cooperation with other countries; 

(w)  Create conditions conducive to the development of the country's film Production and theatrical arts;

(x)  Cause the establishment and expansion of national libraries, archives and museums.


3. Visions and Mission of the Ministry



It envisaged the creation of youth with all rounded personality, transforming Ethiopia from backwardness and poverty into prosperity and democratic society.


Create the youth that are mentally and physically developed, that  know & respect the cultural values of their people and proud of their country; encourage youth to be creative & industrious and internationally competent; and empower the youth to participate widely and consciously in the development & democratization process of the country and be beneficiary.


               Shared Values

   The Ministry is  committed & devoted to the accomplishment of its vision & mission.


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